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Sep 3, 2004  
resignation letter sample
writing a resignation letter
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Writing a Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter is not an easy task. To make matters worse, it is extremely important that the job resignation letter is written properly and with dignity. However justifiable their reasons may be, many people find it very hard to present the correct tone and message when writing a resignation letter.

For example, if you indicate when writing your resignation letter that you've found a more challenging career opportunity, it implies that you're bored or unmotivated with your current job. If you write that you're having health or other problems, you just documented on paper that you run the risk of being a poor hire. With your words on paper, it is very possible that the job resignation letter may come back to haunt you when a potential new employer contacts your former employers for a reference.

In other words, it is absolutely important not to leave anything up to interpretation when writing a resignation letter. Your job resignation letter will usually be the first document that a future employer sees before calling for a reference or job interview.

That said, after you have a firm idea of what you want to say in writing a resignation letter, begin with a couple of rough drafts first. Eventually you will be able to achieve the proper tone and message that you want to convey.

Job Resignation Letter Sections

Sections in a job resignation letter:
  • Your decision and purpose for leaving
  • Your regret in resigning
  • Positive things about the company, your co-workers, and your experience
  • Your accomplishments while with the company
  • Express gratitude for your opportunity to work at the company as well as for skills and knowledge gained

Finding a Resignation Letter Sample

Library Online features a large assortment of resignation letter samples to help you achieve your desired message when writing a resignation letters.

Here you will find a job resignation letter that will consistently give provide on your behalf a professional image. A large selection of resignation letter samples covering the most common situations and are written by professionals.

Be sure to visit our directory to find a resignation letter sample.

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job resignation letter
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writing a resignation letter
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