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Sep 3, 2004  
how to write a love letter
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Love Letters

In a time not so long ago, potential suitors used romantic letters to express their feelings - the response being the person receiving the love letter was swept off their feet by a candid, sincere, and even somewhat poetic display of feelings.

However, in the present fast-paced society, romantic letters are more important than ever before. A love letter can be anything from a brisk e-mail asking a love interest to coffee or dinner, all the way to a handwritten message that will serve as a treasure for the duration of the relationship. Even the simplest love letter can cause a stir.

Words from the heart are sexy, romantic, and adventurous. Love letters are legacies. A romantic letter can up the intensity in a romantic relationship.

Feel free to visit our love letter section and browse our customizable templates.

How To Write a Love Letter

You know what’s in your heart but sometimes you just have a little trouble putting it into words. Here are just a few suggestions on how to write a love letter:

  • In your romantic letter, state your lover's main strength. What part of him/her do you love or admire the most? It is important to mention this in your letter.
  • When did you fall in love with him/her?
  • Also mention in your love letter why you fell in love with them.
  • Mention in the letter some of your most romantic times together. Reflect on those times, talk about it in detail, and your appreciation of the moment will show through in the writing.
  • State something in the love letter that you see in him/her that they may not see in themselves.
  • And lastly, while writing your romantic letter, reflect on how your life has changed since meeting your respective other. How have they impacted you? Talk about the positives.

The most important thing to remember while conveying your message is to share your feelings through honesty. Don't feel as though you have to hold back when writing your romantic letter.

If you are still wondering how to write a love letter, our love letter section section features a variety of romantic letters covering many different scenarios. Written by those romantics with a flair for words, they’ve loved and lived it.

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how to write a love letter
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