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Sep 3, 2004  
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Business Letter Styles

Business readers expect to receive letters and memos that adhere to an existing format standard. There are several acceptable business letter styles available for use in the professional world. Three such business letter styles include:

  • Modified Block Style: With this business letter format, the body of the letter is left justified and single-spaced. The date and closing, however, are in alignment in the center of the page.
  • Block Style: when using this business letter format, the entire letter is left justified and single-spaced except for a double space between paragraphs.
  • Semiblock Style: similar to the modified block business letter style except that each paragraph is indented instead of left justified.

Business Letter Format

There are several main sections that are consistent with every business letter format. When writing a business letter, be sure to include all components:
  • The Heading: common with every business letter format, the heading contains your address and the date of writing.
  • The Inside Address: included the name of the addressee, that personís title or office, the name of the company or institution, and the full address
  • The Salutation: the formal greeting appears two lines lower than the inside address.
  • The Body: use the body of your letter to explain the situation and to make your request or response. Make sure it is done in a straightforward and concise manner.
  • The Complimentary Close: the complimentary close is inserted three lines below the last line of the body. The most common formulas are: Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours truly, Yours sincerely.
  • Your Typed Name: in all business letters, there are usually four lines between the complimentary close and the typed name as you intend to sign it.
  • Your Signature: always use blue or black ink. Match your signature and your typed name.
  • Special Notation: lowest on the page, always flush left. Includes common notations to indicate: carbon copies,enclosed documents, etc...

Letter Templates

Library Online features a large assortment of letter templates to help you achieve your desired message when writing business letters.

Here you will find letter templates that will consistently give your company a professional image. There is a large selection of example business letter styles covering the most common business situations, written by business professionals.

Click here to view our catalogue of letter templates.

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