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Dash Punctuation in Writing


Proper use of the dash in writing helps to convey the precise message.

The dash is used:

a)      To denote a sudden change of thought.

                   What he said was true—or so I thought.  

b)       To indicate a sudden break in a sentence.  

         I can’t let them continue to—so many people would be hurt if they proceeded with this action. 

c)        In the place of parentheses.

      They were all in agreement with the restructuring—even agreeing to the shortened lunch breaks—but if anyone tried to revamp their vacation time they claimed they would walk out.     

d)       As a replacement of the word to with reference to dates, sections, verses, etc.  

      •  2001-2004
      •  sections 8-10
      •  pages 112-134
      •  Genesis 11:5-8


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