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Sep 29, 2016  
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Parentheses Punctuation in Writing


The use of parentheses in writing. 
"parenthesis" is singular
"parentheses" is plural

are used to:

     a)   Enclose words not directly relevant to the main topic of the sentence but too important to omit. 

    Optimistic thinking people (and I count myself among them) always seem to produce positive results in any situation.

b)   Enclose figures or letters marking the division of a subject.  

      Our silent auction fundraising project included the following priorities:
      (1) Securing the location to hold the auction.
      (2) Soliciting businesses in the community to donate items.
      (3) Launching an aggressive advertising campaign in the community.

c)   Add examples. 

      The new photo copier has many features (including scanning options and faxing capabilities) that will be most beneficial to us in this office.

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