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Oct 23, 2016  
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Your Career Biography

Writing a Career Biography is somewhat like narrating a story and should be written in the 3rd person. Avoid using the words I and my.

Step one:†† Once youíve gathered all of the information you need, organize it by headings as you will see in the example of the information gathered below.

Step two:†† Under each heading, take the facts and blend them together into a series of well-crafted paragraphs. You donít want to be listing the facts in point form but instead, you want to talk about them in sentences and paragraphs. Be concise in how you word them, but keep it interesting. Make your readers want to know more.

Headings and Facts

1. Origins

  • Name and *contact information
  • Photo

  • Brief personal details such as age, place of birth and family status

2. Objectives

  • Briefly talk about your professional, career or research objectives


  • Education

  • Study abroad

  • Thesis or dissertation title and advisor

  • Graduate fieldwork

  • Scholastic achievements of merit

4. Awards/Recognitions

  • Awards, honors and patents

  • Grants and fellowships


  • Research experience

  • Work experience

  • Skills

6. Accomplishments

  • Publications and presentations

  • Significant accomplishments

  • Anecdotes of accomplishments

7.Professional certifications & Other Skills

  • Professional licenses and certifications

  • Language skills

8. Memberships and Interests

  • Professional memberships

  • Related extracurricular activities

  • Interests

9. Endorsements

  • Excerpts about you from Letters of Recommendation, Articles or other favorable sources.

* contact information - include only if it is†relevant

Published: 6/8/2009Author: Library Online Inc.
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